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Talking to someone on facebook chat. Often used to talk to people by someone who doesn't have a texting plan or is over their limit. Quickly replaced IM
Sheila used up all her text message on her boyfriend so to talk to her friends she had to rely on facebook chatting them.
by honeypig February 28, 2009
Having talked to someone on facebook chat
She facebook chatted that hot guy Evan last night and casually brought it up in conversation to her friends.
by honeypig February 28, 2009
a cyberslore is a slore who flirts or hits on a person via text or facebook but is too shy to do it in person
Amanda was too shy to talk to the guy she met at the party for long but later she facebook chatted him and texted him a lot. Everyone was surprised that such a timid girl could be such a cyberslore.
by honeypig February 28, 2009
a cross between a slut and a whore, someone who acts like a whore and dressed/dances like a slut but is too shy to actually do anything about it (usually)
Jenny kept talking the whole party about how she was going to hook up with this one guy. She grinded with him all night in her mini skirt and tube top but never actualy did anything. She's such a slore.
by honeypig February 28, 2009

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