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Time when you go to the bar and drinks are half off. Time when most cheap people get fucked up.
Also see crunk
i was so messed up after happy hour i went out went down on the guy with the manboobs!
by honest October 14, 2003
This is a clothing store that provides cool clothes, but people think its way too expensive. Too bad your guys heads are stuck up too far in your ass's to see that other stores just might be more expensive!
cool kid: Hey! Look at the cool jeans that I got from Abercrombie! They were only $20!

Roomate: Wait, I paid $50 for a pair of pants from Hot Topic! What a rip-off!
by Honest February 26, 2005
A High Speed DSL Modem that needs to be power cycled once a week to maintain stability.

a.k.a - A $54 dollar investment for a multi million dollar infrastructure
This is the 4th time this month I have had to power cycle this fucking Westell Modem.
by Honest July 31, 2003
The ultimate in cool. To do something to the limit and do it in style. Came into being from a group in London renown for WSB'ing it all over the globe.
lets WSB it in here tonight.
by Honest March 10, 2005

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