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2 definitions by holy husky

Dropping one's wife off to do something that she wants to do, while the husband goes to do something he wants to do. (Reference to Mary Kay parties)
I dropped the wife off at Macy's so I'm going to get a beer at the pub to take a quick Kay-away.
by holy husky November 06, 2010
18 2
A much better way of saying things like WTF (What the WTF?), BTW (By the BTW), TMI (Too much TMI), or FYI (For Your FYI). Used when someone wants to make an emphatic point, or sound like a moron.
Kate was like, "I don't think we should see one another anymore," so I was like, "What the WTF? By the BTW, For your FYI, I've been seeing someone else, but I guess that's probably Too much TMI."
by holy husky April 20, 2011
6 3