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when you ignore a friend request on facebook & then you feel bad about it, because maybe, just maybe, you knew the person, but somewhere along the line, they changed their name or hair color and you just can't put two and two together.
i just clicked ignore on 10 friend requests on facebook, and now i have ignorer's remorse. sigh.
by holroydisms April 19, 2009
1. the act or result of producing the sounds of slang speech, including articulation, stress, and intonation, specifically as it pertains to being used in chat or texting.
2. an accepted standard of the sound and stress patterns of a slang word
he failed to use the proper slangunciation for the slang word "oughta" when he was chatting on facebook.

"i am filling out "the american community survey", aka the census. this outta be fun .." ...
*correction: *oughta, wud actually be the proper slangunciation
by holroydisms March 26, 2009

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