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Sleep rest nap snooze
I am going to go home now and get some vitamin z.
by hollywood doc September 13, 2006
A woman who only goes out with guys with big dicks thus the measuring tape. She measures a guys equipment and if it is not of a certain length she says "next."
You do not want to go out with her if she carries measuring tape in her purse.
by hollywood doc September 15, 2006
A girl/woman who likes to manipulate,control, play head games with a guy or takes advantage of a guy or situation.
Don't go out with out her she good at playing chess.
by hollywood doc September 13, 2006
A penis or someone giving you a bj with ice cubes in their mouth.
Oh my God Samantha sucked my popcycle last night and it was good.
by hollywood doc September 13, 2006
When a person swallows your man juice.
She sucked my straw and swallowed my milk every last drop last night.
by hollywood doc September 20, 2006
Pussy deficient. Someone who is not getting much sex or is a virgin.
See that guy over there he is so PD it is not even funny. The only sex he gets is with Rosy and her five sisters.
by hollywood doc September 13, 2006

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