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86 definitions by holly

beef extract
would anyone like a hot cup of bovril?
by Holly February 02, 2003
22 10
The best show EVER!! watch it or feel my wrath!!!!!!!!! oh....and shippo is really cute too!
::lights campfire:: ::hums an inuyasha theme song:: ::campfire lights everything around on fire:: AHHHHHHHHHH! ::looks at watch:: eep!! inuyasha is comming on!! ::leaves:: ::fire distroys the entire planet:: noooooooooooo!!...inuyasha wasn't over!!! ::crys::
by Holly February 25, 2005
176 166
acronym: complete and utter cunt

An abbreviated term for a person who is the is the highest category of wankerdom. Most repulsive and detestable character you can imagine. Abbreviation works best in text/email correspondence.
Robert Kilroy Silk is a C.A.U.C.

She was behaving like a C.A.U.C.
by Holly February 16, 2005
12 2
nawesome is a great word to rhyme with the independent and lonely "awesome"; means 'extremely awesome' and sounds great when said
"dude that is so awesome nawesome!!"
by holly November 22, 2004
18 9
One who takes time out of school not for the purpose of fighting for their belief but just to miss geography. One who blocks the traffic, that consists of the people going to work to earn money and pay taxes that provide the money for their social security/welfare/Austudy/living allowance. One who does not eat red meat because it's "just like you know..wrong to like eat a living creature", but one who eats chicken and fish. (What the?) One who is fighting something that gave them the chance to actual voice their opinion without being killed! The "non-conformist" who follows the pack and gives in the peer pressure. One who has enough time to paint elaborate 'no war' signs but not enough time to get a job. One who is pierced in several uncomfortable places.
The 'anitwar protestor' had to run around naked to get the attention of others because it was clear that without being naked, no one gave a shit what he had to say
by Holly March 31, 2003
182 175
Sounds like like Africa, but not. Similar to "nigger".
You drank my whole damn bottle of rum , you stupid afticas!

You're just a dumb aftica!
by Holly February 21, 2005
29 23
A person whom is extremely chivalrous, generous, wise, and stands for his rights.

A thespian.

Open minded.

A funny old man voice.
He is a true geshko
by Holly July 07, 2003
7 1