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-multi ethnic country.
-People of asian descent-yes some of us look asian simple because asians were the first ancestors in Peru before the Inca Empire. and that is true. we cant deny it. so dont be surprise if you see asians speaking sanish.

-Also afro peruvians arab peruvians meztizo -native peruvian and asian peruvian are part of our multi ethnic society.
-the words "cholo" "chino" "oe negro.." are very common between us and we do not get offende it unless ur not one of ours friends !!
Peruvian gastronomy is one of the best in the world. (officially)
-inka kola is the official peruvian drink.
-Pisco sour is peruvian.
-Lima is also know as the city of kings.
-Perus macchu Pichu is one the 7 wonders of the world

-soccer is very important to most peruvian- well everyone loves soccer in Peru
-surfin skateboarding are also very common activities in lima
canela = woww this is such a beautifil place

ana = yea macchu picchu its a magic place !!!
canela = yea it is !! I LOVE PERU !=

canela = oh woww look at that ..peruvian ginea pigs

ana = awww they are adorable...sooo cute
by hoisi May 25, 2009

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