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area code. the san gabriel valley in general (including pasadena and altadena).
by hoho July 02, 2003
area code. the valley of los angeles including valley west and east (from glendale to calabasis). where poor minority gang members and rich white people live under the same number.
by hoho July 02, 2003
ful is a warez group called FULRiPP.
Hey, FULRiPP just released that new game, that's so cool :)
by Hoho May 16, 2004
hmm... ket me think...
eh.. wtf! I dun remember the word!
ur m0m is fat
IIRC she really is!
by hoho November 20, 2003
area code of the rich and wanna-be rich.
by hoho July 02, 2003

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