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a game that is essentially a cross between soccer and hockey. It is played with however many people, usually around 4 to 11 per side. It's played on a road or other flat surface, preferably covered with snow. A tennis ball is used in place of a traditional hockey puck, and feet replace hockey sticks (just like in soccer). The nets are the same size as a hockey net, but are often quickly made out of available materials (like pylons, bags, coats) and lack a crossbar. The rules are unofficial, which is what makes it so great, and resemble soccer except the goalie may throw the ball to a player and that player is allowed to catch it with his/her hands, as well as the inclusion of crosschecking in order to gain possession of the ball.
Person #1: Hey it's too cold to play soccer, and we don't have any hockey equipment to play in the winter. What do you want to do?
Person #2: Let's put the two sports together, have complete disregard for any official rules, hope for the best, and call it foot hockey.
by hoftstadter January 07, 2010

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