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4 definitions by hodolee

Applies to a person who can and will eat anything especially in an attempt to survive.
A good example of a dirmaguic is Bear Grylls of the television show ‘Man vs Wild’
by hodolee February 26, 2010
A wog wanker.
Wonkers can be seen strutting around with his mobile phone to his ear pretending he is talking to someone and he usually talks loud to attract more attention. He does not work, drives a car with a noisy exhaust, usually a ‘P’ plater, has no regard for the law, and thinks he is God’s gift to women.
by hodolee January 31, 2009
NSWs. (Night Shift Workers)
"NSWs(Night Shift Workers)" are healthy looking Middle-eastern men spending every day in coffee lounges smoking and lustfully watching women passing by. They leave their pregnant wives at home with their five kids. They must be night shift workers if they have so much free time during the day. They could also be disabled pensioners as many Middle-eastern persons are disabled and have disabled permits displayed on their vehicles.
by Hodolee February 10, 2009
A Middle-eastern wog hoon.
A 'Woon' is a young Middle-eastern male exhibitionist who usually drives cars with large exhaust systems and 'P' plates. Parades around using one of four mobile phones.
by Hodolee January 24, 2009