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When you're pounding a girl in the dumper (or asshole, as it's called in the medical profession), then right before you're about to go, you spit on the back of her head so she thinks you've gone. When she turns around, you cum on her face, rip out her pubs and throw them on her face so they stick, and she'll resemble an angry beaver.
J-unit: i gave this bitch an angry beaver last night
Guy: haha man that's totally TITS!
Girl: you guys shouldn't talk like that it's degrading to women.
Guy: well that may be, but why should i trust something that bleeds for five days and doesn't die?
J-unit: plus it's funny as fuck!
Guy: have you tried the avalanche? where you cum in her face and push her down the stairs?
by hobsonator September 13, 2007
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