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The act of becoming so intoxicated that you are no longer even pleasent to be around, to be so drunk that you are in all ways a complete loser, IE; breaking stuff, running around naked and peeing on things,as well as gratuitious screaming of loud completley nonsensical verbal diarrhea.
To be so loser pissed that friends spray you with glow stick fluid so that you can be watched all throughout the dark night to make sure you dont hurt yourself.
1: ok gang lets get loser pissed!
2:awww man is he/she loser pissed!
by hmmmmperhaps it is me October 22, 2005
The child of two hippie parents that forsakes their hippie upbringing to become a capitalist yuppie, IE a Yippie.
Aww man what a bummer, I hear Moonbeam and sunflower's kid just ran away to become a yippie.
by hmmmmperhaps it is me October 24, 2005

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