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A person under the age of 12, the word is usually included in the titles of pedophiliac erotica (videos, stories, pictures, etc.), possibly to be enticing?

Sickining. I feel bad for them.
I will find who is posting as me and devour their entrails. Seriously.
by hiro protagonist February 16, 2004
"Liberated" french fries (?)

I don't really understand this myself...is it supposed to be offensive to the french? Or is it calling us free?
What the fuck?
by Hiro Protagonist February 16, 2004
No,no,no. The question is...how can you tell if someone knows what a good show is.

What you were think of is the following:
How can you tell if someone is a stupid fuckfaced shiteating NARC who has nothing better to do than sit around and bash minorities (including Gays)? Ask them if they like bush, or if they're the above person
by Hiro Protagonist August 16, 2003
it's me.
Last of the freelance hackers
Greatest sword fighter in the world
Stringer, Central Intel. Corp
(Specializing in -Movies
by hiro protagonist December 28, 2003
The band which possesses the m05t 0wn463. and Zeppelin were Coke heads, not stoners. So, you fucks can go listen to your "gangsta rap" and commit your hate crimes. But, in the end, There would be no Metal, no Hard Rock with out this band.
Again, the right-winged motherfuckers can go gain carneal knowlege of themselves.
by Hiro Protagonist August 16, 2003

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