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An untouchable, forbidden fruit that uses her charm, wit , swagg, and sass to leave men hangin like testies... She is often mistaken for a tease, but lets be real, she aint no rookie!

A man's ego will fool him into thinking he can keep up with her fiesty gyrations, but before he knows it she's straight blown his mind and left him tingling. A tantalizer will use her face and body as a stage..cast mesmerizing spells and leave fools sprung. fantasies about impaling her are common, men would love to just bend her over right then and there but condoms would do no justice.
A womanizer has not met his match until he has encountered a tantalizer!!!!
by hips with sass June 03, 2010
Creeps + Dooshes = Crooshes

A psychological term for the the type or kind of dudes that are either or all of the above: old/intoxicated/ ugly/ boundary steppin fools. These men are the Ultimate Sausages. Obnoxious, self righteous terds who shit on peoples egos/self esteems, deriving the confidence to do so from binge drinking n drugs which causes the illusion of invicibility during states of belligerance.

They spit zero game and will grab girls in inappropriate places to get our attention. Call us crude names. Attempt to get in our pants during the intro and actually think that they can get away with it. They are socially retarded and unnacceptable if a true gem is able to realize her self worth/ respect.
Crooshes are easy, and beg to be taken advatange of by the next piece of meat that walks in the room with a shaved pussy-- He'd gladly have her sit right on top of his face and go for a face dive.

The only way to fight off a Croosh is by hustlin their shafts with the palm of yur hands, while tantalizing their nuts with the tip of yur tongues.

Tantalizers jerk crooshes around..a lot
by hips with sass June 09, 2010

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