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A genuinely sweet, or pleasantly odorless expression of flatulence. Though not always a fart cut by homosexuals, they do tend to do this while they bake cookies and share a laugh about it.
"Pete did you just fart? It smells like freshly cut grass, what have you been eating, sperm?"

"Sorry bro, that was a Gay Fart"

"A Gay Fart?"

"Let's take our shirts off and kiss"
by hinkdogger September 03, 2006
An Eskimo who tries to act black
"Yo son, did you see Nuhkfluchukbuhk? Homie is a Eskimigger. Calls his Igloo a Cribloo".
by hinkdogger September 03, 2006
During sex, the act of having the male ejaculate onto the female's pubic hairs and then use his right hand to spike them up, the conclusion to this stunt usually involves the male carrying the female around on his shoulders giving the illusion of him as Don King.
"Dude me and Heather went out last night and had dinner, and then when we got home we sat by the fire and I gave her a Don King"
by hinkdogger September 07, 2006
When a man with spiked up blonde fruity hair has another man jizz all over it and then rubs it in the other man's asshole
"I have my first date with Tommy tommorow night and he just had his hair frosted. Here's hoping he gives me the Lance Bass Special!"
by hinkdogger September 07, 2006
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