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The Living End are not a punk band. They play their own style of rock inspired by punk, 50's rock, rockabilly and numerous other music styles.

The current members are Chris Cheney (Guitar, Vocals), Scott Owen (Double Bass) and Andy Strachan (Drums).

They have recently released 'State Of Emergency', their fourth full length album.

They are all very talented musicians in their own right, and together as a band, they are awesome.
Chris! Scott! Andy!

by highway to mel March 05, 2006
Best excuse for a long weekend. Ever.
What a waste of money, time, horses... but still, the Melbourne Cup gets me 2 extra days off school in November!
by highway to mel March 15, 2006
1) Full of people who think their opinions mean something

2) The worst thing to happen to the English language since SMS
1) Argh, the internet is good most of the time, but if I have to see a link to ONE MORE BLOG...

2) l33tn00b: OMGGZZ, I LIEK NTSP33K!!
highway to mel: Learn to spell, you backwards dumbarse fuckwit.
by highway to mel March 15, 2006
The ultimate in fat, flabby ankles. You can hear them coming from over a kilometre away.
Oh no, it's Flankles... Beware of the gold shoes
by highway to mel March 05, 2006
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