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2 definitions by highalltimes

The Act of Seeing God In all that you do .

Exclaim That You are living well

To live rightiously

To think on a higher level
*Drinks Are Poured* You raise your glass as a TOAST . and say Chuurch .. Salute) etc.
by HighAllTimes October 18, 2007
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or Church Is an expression used by west coast Pimps and Rappers as defined by Snoop Dogg and Pimp Bishop Magic Don Juan As Seeing god in all that you do,
a way to live rightiously. a celebration of lifes glory

such as "hallelujuah" or "salute"
Dinks are poured as a toast instead of cheers someone says 'Chauch nigga chauch, house it.'
by highalltimes October 22, 2007
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