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A gay man in the fast lane, jetting off to circuit parties or opera premieres, snubbing guys who can't afford to be seen with him, and ordering escorts online like they're pizzas.
"You hear that Dak flew the hustler he picked up at the Black Party home with him?"

"A-Gay to the last."
by hifrommike65 January 02, 2010
A guy as nuts as a psychobabe, but with testosterone. A Mr. Right Now, never a Mr. Right. Often sports tattoos, wild hair, never wears sleeves on his shirts regardless of whether he's got the gunz (which he often does). Probably rides a Harley, and always goes way over the speed limit. There's no stopping him except when he ends up in the morgue.
What kinda guy dates a psychobabe? A psychodude, natch!
by hifrommike65 June 03, 2011

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