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Bow-legged keyboard synthesist in Japan. He is commonly referred to as the lover of Hiroyuki Takami, fellow bandmember from the (hideously early) 90s dance music genre. He is known to be a pimpin manager, whose magical piano fingers have spun off popular bands and artists like Iceman, T.M.Revolution, and Yuki Kimura. When someone refers to asakura daisuke as a verb, they usually refer to his no-nonsense, no-bullshit attitude towards his career. Asakura currently is re-producing his former band, access, with his lover, commonly referred to as superjap for his insanely large penis and tendency to get an erection during concerts and lives.
You pulled a daisuke and ripped that bitch a new hole. Asakura Daisuke would be proud.
by hideki May 21, 2006

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