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he Katie is a vicious beast native to the US but will travel to wherever a "hot guy with abs" exists. The Katie is known for her brutal attacks upon attractive athletes and actors, in which she rips their abdomens and hangs them in her ditch in the ground. The Katie is not supposed to be out in daylight, for her face can seriously damage one's eyesight and brain function. The Katie has a distinct mating call, in which she shrieks loudly and flails her arms uncontrollably. The Katie, for a long time, was believed to be nearly impossible to sustain, but it was revealed that a taze in the buttock would stun the beast, and she would die of shock. The Katie is also prone to injuries, although they are often not severe at all, and it just exaggerates.
Why is that Katie out in daylight?!
by hg149 November 11, 2010

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