4 definitions by hey222

When a guy wraps his penis in money. Then he sitcks his money covered dick in a womans vagina. Then when you're done, you go buy condoms with the used "mulla".
Dude, I had mulla sex with Miranda last night. And the clerk actually excepted the money!!
by hey222 January 17, 2009
a womans nipple dipped in melted chocolate so you can suck on it.
My girlfriend gave me a sweet fudge nipple last night.
by hey222 January 16, 2009
A guy dresses as a woman, then a girl puts a stap-on on, then she gives it to him up the butt. Still not knowing the guy she is fucking is a man.
Man, I gave someone a good Rocky Horror Show last night. I still don't think she knows it was me!
by hey222 January 17, 2009
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