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1. To boyce, verb. To be a cunt to your friends after embarking on a relationship, esp. by cancelling plans

2. To generally ignore one's friends' existance, eg ignoring calls / reluctance to see friends/ not wishing them happy birthday, esp. as a result of relationship

3. To let yourself become a fat, four-eyed geek through personal neglect

4. Boycism, noun. Dangerous school of thought / the behavioural patterens advocated therein, which states that the above behaviours are acceptable and in no way cuntish.
1. "Where's Dave? Bloody hell dont tell me hes boyced us again?!"

2. "I can't believe it! Im getting married today and Danny, my so called Best Man, has fucked off to Paris with his girlfriend! And now his phone's off! Gentlemen, we've been boyced."

3. "I would only go out with that fat midget bird if I had seriously boyced myself over the years."

4. "I can't stand this guy's boycism a second longer. Let's kill him."
by hewhowasboyced August 23, 2008

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