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A guy who will run to the door just to hold it open for a girl, who will pull out a girls seat even if he's across the room talking to his friends, who will offer to pay a girl back for her dance ticket just so they can get a couple's ticket, who will refuse to borrow money from any of his friends who are girls, even when he's broke and wants ice cream or a drink, and will instead offer to buy that girl something. He will always be polite and never rudely walk away from a conversation. He will laugh at all of a girl's jokes, even the lamest ones. He will never make a girl do anything she doesn't want to or pressure her to do anything. He will often say, "Ladies first," and he will actually mean it. He will always let the person he is with choose what they are doing or where they are going.
Adam is such a gentleman. He always opens the doors for girls and will insist on paying for them.

Zach calls Adam a pimp, but he's really just jealous because Adam is more of a gentleman than him.
by hesaysilookliketaylorswift October 17, 2011

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