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NO NO NO NO NO a caddy is a person who is your bitch there is only one way of making someone your caddy by caddyizing them
caddy go get me a beer

caddy then returns with a beer
by herculesdivad March 11, 2010
A person who does not know how to put down the game console remote except for when food is being served. often is reconized as a person wearing a halo 3 shirt or can say things such as " M 1911,TRIGGER FINGER,LAG, FUCKEN COOLERO HAS A MODED REMOTE OR CONSOLE(button that shoots fast for your fat ass).this person often has very high grades or very low grades .WARNING IF YOU SEE ONE CONTACT ME IMMEDIETLY SO THAT I MAY HUMILLIATE THEM
YOURSELF FOR LOOKING UP NO LIFE so put the remote down and go get me my juice box JUICE BOX BOY!( your new nickname no life)
by herculesdivad March 11, 2010
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