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request to simplify the language, avoid fancy titles etc. uses the idea that at home, people don't bother trying to sound impressive. calling a spade a spade.
"i'm an italian cuisine delivery expert"
"what's that when it's at home?"
"pizza boy"
by hepburn May 14, 2008
game where girls compete to see who can kiss the most amount of guys in a night.
generally played around the age of 14.
"why is she kissing that minger?"
"we're playing beat the slapper"
by hepburn May 14, 2008
An obnoxiously bright, nearly nauseous tone of green paint found on the walls of fledgling tech businesses often in San Francisco's South of Market District.
Our new office came equipped with foosball table, beer kegerator, game room, Herman Miller Chairs, a top of the line espresso machine and our logo boldly printed over the Startup Green Walls.
by Hepburn October 19, 2015
dismissive insult. implies incest in the person's family and links to travellers.
shut up! your ma's your sister!
by hepburn May 14, 2008

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