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I dont even go there, but since I know a ton of students there, I can say that yes, they are richbitches, manwhores, snobs, grade obsessed, etc etc... but they are pretty nice for the most part. As previous people said, the school is in Bel Air and in Studio City, two great portions of Los Angeles, but the kids there are incredibly sheltered from Los Angeles. Girls there tend to develop some kind of crisis, like brand obsession, sluttiness, and/or eating disorders...Harvard Westlake is a great school and is considered a great place if you want to go to an Ivy. Some students there say Marlborough and Brentwood are wrose, although Marlborough and Harvard Westlake are tied in national ratings.... A lot of H-W kids are celeb children and live in Bel Air and Beverly Hills
Guy 1: Look at that girl! She is suchh a rich bitch....
Guy 2: I know, she goes to my school she lives near the Hiltons.
Guy 2: Damn, those Harvard Westlake girls are so hot..
Guy 1: Whatever...I prefer Marlborough girls if I'm going for hot and rich..
by hellzyea June 26, 2009

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