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3 definitions by hellpuppy

I Feel Pretty is a statement directly relating to the totally awesome retro musical West Side Story.

unless you want to be called an egomanical freak, then it is recommended you use the proper tune, which can be listened to on YouTube if need be. Observe.

Please note that in this song gay refers to the happy kind and is not to be taken in any other way, although from how the character is acting during this sequence this could be debated.
Person One: I feel pretty! Oh So Pretty! Oh so pretty, and Witty, and GAYYYYY! And I pity any girl who isn't me todayyyy! Do do do do DEE do, do do do do DEE do...

Person Two: Shut up will you, shut up!
by hellpuppy October 07, 2007
7 2
An Aminderite is the last stage of a person whos' sexual orientation and sexual organs change over time in this order:
bisexual, gay, hermaphrodite, and finally, devoid of any sexual organs whatsoever. This last stage is called Aminderitism.

This means their chest and groin is completely smooth and has no mounds, nipples, holes, or even rashes whatsoever.
Person 1: Well, goodbye, I'm off to rape a donkey now.

Person 2: You wish... You can't rape anything you aminderite!
by hellpuppy November 26, 2006
9 4
Another name for lactose intolerant, usually used by people who hate the fact they have the disorder.
Person: I wish I wasn't so lactose retarded, I miss my Nutella and hot chocolate!
by hellpuppy October 30, 2007
5 3