5 definitions by hellopele

a mix between ghetto and retto
look and that bitch ass gretto
by hellopele February 06, 2009
this is the thing that would most offend a ghetto person that has been brought up with a ghetto mentallity.
man 1: hey guesse what i did a piss in your sink

man2: you little bitch

man1: and your girl lapped it up

man 2:*pulling out the shotty* bang
by hellopele June 25, 2009
This is when your scrotum is larger then your penis causing an irregular and disappointing sight for your sexual counterparts.
monfreece: How longs your penis?

Jimmy: its 2 inches

monfreece: thats not to big is it

jimmy: but my sacks 4 inches

monfreece: damn, you've got a little dick with a fat sack
by hellopele July 31, 2010
this is when a mans penis is always leaking urine or other bodily fluids.
your such a tappy look at that wet patch on your jeans
by hellopele July 08, 2009
to get some dough while weeping
*weeping* i'll sell you this weed for a buck (gweep)
by hellopele May 19, 2009

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