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The website neopets.com has been around for many years. What was once a gaming site about pets for kids, teens and some even say college students is now completely bought over by corporations. Majority of its users are helpless scene/emo kids looking for online friends/relationships and then the other half are desperate 12 year old girls that love Twilight and the Jonas Brothers. Many of its users only come on for the chatrooms, my person favorite is the Fanclubs where a bunch of teens go around trolling, spamming and posting sexual innuendos. There are also 'popular' people on the boards. Some such as Jessikness, Sara, Laur, Sunao and Yadiza. Since these 'popular' users get frozen almost everyday, I am unable to post their account names, but you will probably see them around the website. Also, Neopets is absolutely addicting, yet it's the lamest thing ever. It is a guilty pleasure for many.
Typical Neopets Conversation:

katluver45: man oh man! im gonna marry edward cullen!

saraisgettingsome: Shut up you fool. I eat Edward and Jesus for breakfast.
by hellolordpleaseforgiveme August 19, 2009

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