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A very, tall, handsome boy whom usually plays football during the ages of 10-15. He gets good grades and attracts many girls during the teenage years, most likely. One who is very loved by everyone around him. He's a nice gentlemen whom has many friends - mostly girls. He can keep a good friendly relationship with a close girl even if the girl likes him. Usually falls for his one of two most closest girl bestfriends. Usually a blonde. Nicknames are most commonly Nate, Natedog, Nateboy and to some girls that like him, Natalicious.

Person #1: Omg, who's that tall kid over there with that pretty blonde chick?
Person #2: Oh that's just Nate and his girlfriend.
Person #1: Isn't that Sarah, his bestfriend?
Person #2: Yeah but he always falls for one of his bestfriends.
by hellokittyxo November 24, 2012

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