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After you have anal sex with your partner and you find a piece of undigested corn lodged in your penis. This is known as a Cobb salad. For corn kernel removal see reverse corn Cobb.
My friend and his girlfriend had corn for dinner. Later that night they had anal sex. The next morning, my friend discovered he got a Cobb salad. He was unable to urinate because he had an undigested corn kernel stuck up his penis. MY friend is really Me.
by hello19572000 February 27, 2011
When you get a "Cobb Salad", which happens when a piece of undigested corn gets lodged in your penis after anal sex, your partner can remove it by performing a procedure known as the reverse corn cob. This is when your partner sucks the undigested corn out of your penis and eats it. Again.
My partner was hungry after anal sex. Luckily she had given me a Cobb Salad, so she did a reverse corn cob on me and had a snack. But she was still hungry so she got up and made a sandwich.
by hello19572000 February 27, 2011

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