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Exploring on a bicycle, not to be confused with bike tourism or bikesploitation.
Person 1: How many BevMos are there in this city?
Person 2: I went bikesploring last week. There are like 13.
by hellathatguy September 15, 2007
a type of aerobic excercise done by people while sitting in a chair
guy 1: what the hell are those hot old ladies doing on tv?
guy 2: dude they are staying in shape by doing chairobics
by hellathatguy September 21, 2007
another name for a thrift store. it refers to way back when someone would search for a needle in a haystack, only this time it's not a barn it's an old building with lots of old junk that is hip to search through.
Person 1: hecka dang! where did you get that boss jacket?
Person 2: I was bikesploring in the mission and found it in the urban haystack!
by hellathatguy October 01, 2007
a person trained in the ancient japanese art of folding paper
That dude is totally a sweet origamist, he made like 1500 cranes and gave them to charity.
by hellathatguy June 01, 2007
when you explore strange new places and seek out new life on your bike.
guy 1: lets go bikesploring
guy 2: hell naw dude that's hurting the environment through bikesploitation
by hellathatguy September 21, 2007

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