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A free encyclopedia where average people can make an account and rant with false information about people or things that they hate, and naive Americans will pass it as truth because they're too lazy to look for a more reliable source.
"I learned on Wikipedia that Austin Winkler of the rock band Hinder was gay! Wikipedia is a reliable source, so it must be true!"

"My school has an article on Wikipedia. It's North Adams High School, located in Seaman, Ohio. The principal is Mr. Waffle and the vice principal is Mr. Horny."

"According the the intellectual source of Wikipedia, Adolf Hitler died by being attacked by a bear. I always thought it was something along the lines of committing suicide while in hiding, but who am I to criticize the wisdom of Wikipedia?"
by hekifier March 28, 2009
Any good for nothing asshole, may be a dude or a chick, who woos your partner out of a relationship with you. They've also been known to drop out of the dates quickly, and steal someone else's date. More than likely these people are immature idiots who don't know how to find themselves a meaningful date, so they have to steal someone else when they see a flaw in a relationship.
The Family Guy episode about Peter Griffin's jealousy of Louis seeing other men, there's that quick joke in the theater when Louis says "Ain't he handsome!?" Peter runs up and punches the screen until it breaks, screaming "You home-wrecking bastard!"

Country singer Gretchen Wilson has had a lot of experiences in high school with losing her dates to homewreckers, so she included the subject in a song on her album "Here For The Party" and called it "Homewrecker."
by hekifier March 28, 2009
Not exactly a degrading term for any Christian, like "bible hugger". This describes a good for nothing Christian who actually does everything the Bible says; refrains from swearing, watching bad movies, having sex, and any other kind of fun. Worse yet, they nag at other non-Christians they come in contact about their lack of christian belief and guilt trip them to change their ways.
"Jeremy gets pissed every time I decide not to come to church. I like to remain neutral. We live in a nation where we have the right to go to Church. It should not be forced upon us. It's not the 70s! It's the 2000s! I wish he could stop being such a Bible Pusher and give me some space from his crap!"

"Male Gibson directed the film "The Passion of Christ" with more attention to the physical violence than was needed. Through this film, he's trying to force the gospel into people's minds, not from the "great things Jesus Christ did for us" but rather the morbid way he died. He's being a Bible Pusher from exposing the public to this."
by hekifier March 28, 2009
Succeeding another by a land-slide, as in a competition.
"I ass raped that nerd in the Halo tournament!"

"I ass raped her in the school president election! She didn't even have a chance!"

by hekifier March 28, 2009
Where the whole trend of psychotic murders came from.
"Detroit is the most dangerous city in America. In fact, that's where all the killing started!"
by hekifier March 28, 2009
1) To cheat at something. Maybe a video game, Spades, a card game, or a race.

2) To bang another lady while your rightfully married partner is unable to react to the situation, for whatever reason.

3) To try to do something great for the public to hide how big of a jerk you are at the personal level.
1) "Quit looking at the other side of my Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you dip-shit! If you pull a John Edwards on me like that again, I'll burn your entire collection in the back-yard!"

2) Jessica Simpson's boyfriend had to pull a John Edwards on her in her own home! He was caught banging a chick on top her bed! As if she had enough to be upset about! She's Jessica Simpson! Her life has been dropped on shit creek without a paddle!

3) The stupid man is trying to run for Vice President. Even know he cheated on his wife who has breast cancer, he still thinks he has what it takes to become a figure for this country. Encourage people to be stupid and do things wrong. We're not going to let John Edwards pull himself at us again!
by hekifier March 28, 2009
A geeky ninja television show that proves to the world that even high school students are still fascinated by their old Saturday morning cartoons.
"I love Naruto! He is so cool! I would love to just suck his dick!"

"Who is going to eat the last chicken leg? I want it, you want it, let's have a ninja fight! Like they do in Naruto! Then we'll be cool!"
by hekifier March 28, 2009

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