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An hipster who speaks in a fake British accent.
A: Hey, how are you?
B: Alllo guv'nuh.
A: Dude, you're from Ohio. You're such a Britster.
B: Cheerio.

Look at those Britsters playing croquet.
by heisenbergian August 23, 2009
Barter system wherein eggs are harvested from roof-raised fowl and subsequently exchanged for marijuana. See: Farmville-for-real
-Who do you buy from these days?
-I don't buy anymore. We've got Eggs For Pot.
by heisenbergian August 24, 2009
Fist pound. Real world fist bump (with flair). Act of greeting or camaraderie. Origin: iPod-ian.
(Two guys bump fists.)

Together: Data exchange!
by heisenbergian August 23, 2009
Quintessentially dangerous. Of essential danger.
-Have you seen their tub? It's dangessential. You could totally bust your head on the side of that thing.
by heisenbergian August 23, 2009
Raising fowl on your roof, like the Facebook game, but "for-real". Var: "Farmville-fo-realz". Often used in conjunction with "Eggs For Pot".
-Hey, did you see the coop they built on Dave's roof?
-Yeah, I heard those guys were getting Farmville-for-real.

-Where did you guys get such delicious chicken?
-Oh yeah, we went Farmville-for-real a while ago.
by heisenbergian August 24, 2009
Bet made on an item of trivia in which the losing party gets the shit smacked out of their face.
A: I think it's clavicle.
B: It's definitely tibia.
A: Slap bet?
B: Sure. (They shake.)


C: A bone named after the Italian word for flute is tibia.

(B smacks the shit out of A)
by heisenbergian August 29, 2009

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