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When you aren't just feeling good, but feeling butt-rockin' good.
"Hey man, I'm feeling pretty Bon Jovial tonight. Let's pick up Kelly Bundy and go for a roll in the hay. And grab some brewskies!"
by hehohno April 22, 2007
A relative who buys you alcohol or drugs when your parents refuse.
Some kid: Man, I can't find anyone to buy us beer.

Some other kid: What about your KRUNKLE on the east side?
by hehohno October 01, 2007
Short-Speak for "I Don't Like That!"
"Dude, I just saw his balls! Aughhhhh, IDLT! IDLT!"
by hehohno April 22, 2007
When an asian experiences the pain of being mistaken for another type of asian.
A man is walking down the street, and to his horror, someone screams after him, "CHINK!"
"I am not a CHINK! I am not even Chinese! I am Korean!!!"
"Oh what's the matter, are you in JAPAIN?"

by hehohno April 22, 2007

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