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a but hole (that would be your anus) that has hair strewn around it
-if you got a harry hole, you got a problem

dude 1:are gonna try and shave it?

dude 2:oh you just want to see me try
by heh? August 08, 2007
a dump (shit) that results in a green tinted lumpy long piece of poop, gennerally caused by consumming a large variety of green organic material (in other words, vegitables and such)
dude 1: look at the size of that!

dude 2: say isnt it called a lizard tail ?

dude 3: i dont know, but hell, lemme get some of that!

dude 1: wait we all can get some, i gots to go some more!
by heh? August 08, 2007
a dumbass wearing two eyepatches
dude 1: hey dude check out that guy standing there, i think he's wearing two eyepatches

dude 2: omg hes a double pirate

dude 1: hahah what a weirdo, i think he's just sleepy
by heh? August 08, 2007

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