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A straight male who doesnt express enthusasium towards chauvinistic remarks
Your buddy is such a FEMINIST , he doesnt show any interest when we go on with chauvinist jokes .
#guys #hangin out #chauvinist #anti-sexist #square #feminist #straight
by Hef January 20, 2010
When a woman plays with the firm part between her vagina and her butt .
This is an optional and a supplementary masturbation technique a woman will sometimes use .
by Hef August 16, 2005
A woman who is usually good looking but is very highly sophisticated .
A rich man's good looking daughter that is very classy . ( this term is usually used with perverted minded men )
by Hef June 20, 2005
Usually when a pretty woman has a very aggresive attitude .
snob , verbally abusive to people , pushy , big attitude ,
by Hef June 20, 2005
When a woman starts massaging her front private part .
This is a slang word/phrase
A woman playing with herself
by Hef August 16, 2005
This is the final stage of a woman playing with herself . It means for her to have a MASSIVE orgasm after playing with herself .
Massive orgasm on a woman .
by Hef August 16, 2005
When a woman is extremely good-looking but not quite among the best
(This is a slang term used by men with minds in the gutter )
A hot chick you would like to see on the beach .
by Hef June 20, 2005
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