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20 definitions by hef

A straight male who doesnt express enthusasium towards chauvinistic remarks
Your buddy is such a FEMINIST , he doesnt show any interest when we go on with chauvinist jokes .
by Hef January 20, 2010
Our present PM . A Mulroney buddy despite breaking ranks with the old Conservative Party .Alberta Oil Industry are among His best allies , afterall they supported the Reform party in masses and didnt forget to fund the party very well .
He and His old pals from the Reform years are often considered bigots . The only connections that I see is that many were hoping this right-wing party would listen to them but the reality is that none of the major parties will listen to racists .
He has definite goals to redefine Canada . Two major examples are 1-he wants the judicial system to think like todays Federal Conservatives / evenLyin' Brian Mulroney publicly blasted Him for that 2- He shows far too much of His Evangelical views . Canada was never meant to be a scripture based country like many European countries and many in the Mid-East . Regardless of ideology We DO NOT NEED TO RE-DEFINE CANADA , We only need a government that can effectively and justly run the country based on a broad cross-section of various present internal and external issues .
Harper and His party are HUGE but not known fot it , HIPPOCRITS . Social-conservatives are for the community , traditional institutions and traditional values . Corporate conservatives are generally what most conservatives really are . Corporate ones are for big business , downgrading jobs , cutting on social-infrastructure , lower wages . These two types of Conservatives ane NOT COMPATIBLE . They are also hippocrites because the Purple-Conservative wing would stand for a free-thinking , small business orieted and community oriented way-of-life
When someone is for increased corporate power and reduced public power , bible-thumper are all STEPHEN HARPERS .
by Hef August 03, 2008
When a woman plays with the firm part between her vagina and her butt .
This is an optional and a supplementary masturbation technique a woman will sometimes use .
by Hef August 16, 2005
A woman who is usually good looking but is very highly sophisticated .
A rich man's good looking daughter that is very classy . ( this term is usually used with perverted minded men )
by Hef June 20, 2005
This is the final stage of a woman playing with herself . It means for her to have a MASSIVE orgasm after playing with herself .
Massive orgasm on a woman .
by Hef August 16, 2005
Usually when a pretty woman has a very aggresive attitude .
snob , verbally abusive to people , pushy , big attitude ,
by Hef June 20, 2005
When a woman starts massaging her front private part .
This is a slang word/phrase
A woman playing with herself
by Hef August 16, 2005