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abc saying is when you are talking to one person and some one else comes up and wants to join in your conversation so then you so they abc saying which is:

This is an A and B conversation so you betta C your way outta it before D and E come F you up!
(whispers to friend)

(friend whispers back)

"Hey guys!.. what are yall talking bout?"

"mann go away ... this is an A and B convo so you betta C your way out b4 E and D come F you up!"

"Fine whateva man!"
by heckyes March 15, 2005
1. Stupid GUY that calls you a hoe and you can use it as a comeback.
2. Stupid GUY that is getting on your nerves and you dont want to call him a b******.
"well, you called me a hoe, so i'll call you a hefa"
by heckyes February 26, 2005

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