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A very entertaining team-based online shooter from our friends at Valve. Players can choose from 9 diverse classes and play alongside their teammates to accomplish goals, such as capture the flag (or intelligence), or hold control points. It is stressed throughout the game that team play is needed to succeed. Kamikaze or solo run tactics simply won't work. The diversity of the classes also stresses that much co-operation is needed. For example, the Heavy class, an amusing, heavyset Russian-Soviet inspired character, can mow down scores of enemies with the powerful minigun while absorbing a lot of damage. However, the Heavy is slow, and even more so when firing, making him a prime target for any half-decent Sniper or Spy, or any enemy firing from a safe spot. Heavies are usually paired with Medics to keep them both alive while proceeding through enemy lines. Scouts are a very fast class, and can double jump as well, allowing him to leap right into enemy headquarters with ease. The tradeoff is his weakness; he can be killed easily with a few good hits or shots. Scouts rely on speed to survive, and wait until other teammates clear the way for him to dash in. So you see, every class has a strength and a weakness, which requires support from fellow teammates. Any good player should have a mic with them to co-ordinate assaults and manoeuvres, much better than trying to remember the keyboard shortcut orders.

The entertaining graphics are worth noting too. Where most shooters aim for ultra-realistic graphics, Team Fortress 2's graphics are overly cartoon-ish and whimsical. It's just hilarious to watch a Heavy shouting at his foes while he blasts them down with the minigun, then blown literally to pieces with a rocket. Think graphics along the lines of The Incredibles. The classes are also amusing themselves, with their taunts, battle cries, etc. Valve regularly updates the classes with new weapons and such, ensuring this game will be fresh and fun for years to come. Check out the Class Profiles on Youtube.
Douglas: You look tired Tom, how long were you playing Team Fortress 2 last night?Tom: Sat down at 7pm, looked up and it was 6 in the morning. But I fucking ruled! Disguised myself as an enemy engineer when I was a spy, then stabbed like 10 sad fucks in the back as they ran past me. Then I mowed down dozens of bitches as me and my Medic made our way through the enemy base to the intel. I fucking rule!
by heavyset1323 August 26, 2008
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