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A Grunge musician or someone associated with one who either

A: does it only for money, or

B: mooches off other's success and ruins said person's good name
Courtney Love is such a Grunge Whore.
by heavierthanslayer&blacksabbath October 20, 2010
A metalcore sub-genre that will exist when scene kids decide to stop destroying death metal. They will wear make up, write about relationships, and do retarded breakdowns. It will sound like mayhem and the devil wears prada mixed. It will feature pig squeals and emo vocals. It will become popular among the "cool kids"
Metalcore kid: "D00d this blackcore is the the greatest thing ever invented!"

Actual Metalhead: "Fuckin douche"
*beats kid til he cant breathe*
by heavierthanslayer&blacksabbath September 19, 2010
A fusion of hardcore punk with lyrics about murder. Innovated in the mid-2000's by bands like Forestry Ride and ACIREMA. Typically features up-tuned guitars for high notes and technicallity. Often employs spoken-word singing and emphatic drum beats.
Enslaving The Masses is 100% Killcore Punk
by heavierthanslayer&blacksabbath October 29, 2010

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