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A dynamic and life changing sexual position where the dominant female partner mounts her trusty steed with exquisite technique wearing only genuine leather boots. Her position greatly resembles that of the reverse cowgirl but the woman must also be upside down. Works best in a spinning sex swing or dominatrix chair. In most cases a male is substituted for a steed if and only if he agrees to wear a harness gag. Both partners must scream Silly Sally went to town riding backwards upside down upon climax.

This position is said to be created in an Odessa, Missouri basement on September 6th, 2009 by a formerly crack addicted second grade student teacher turned adult entertainer. Best known for her role as a cross dresser with a lazy eye in Saturday Night Beaver. Other films include Sorest Rump, Holes, School of Cock, Schindler's Fist, White Men Can't Hump, and I know who you did last summer(last night, and this afternoon).
After that amazing ZJ, Colby was pleased to recieve a silly sally.
by heaththeblisterpopper04 September 08, 2009
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