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a mixture of corn starch and boiling water from (the microwave) that is used as an anal lubricant. resulting in 2nd degree burns AND a puckered, swollen,and much tighter butthole.
named for the west texas town stockton which is extremely hot year round. also most women met there seem to suffer from extreme prolapse of the anus.

after years of marriage things often become customary in the bedroom. to heat things up many couples rely on techniques like the burning stockton
#stockton #anal lube #tight butthole #texas #burns
by headgoat September 26, 2011
applying a mixture of cornstarch lube and carmex to a womans asshole. it is said to give a more intense/erotic feel to anal sex
similar to a burning stockton but adapted for the much cooler desert nights.

JANE: I love anal sex but I hate the way it makes my asshole chap like it does.

STACEY: You know Jane you should really try a smooth stockton. It works great as a lube and it also helps condition and moisturize your butt pucker.

JANE: Oh, thanks Stacey. I cant wait to try that out.
#stockton #anal lube #cornstarch lube #carmex #asshole
by headgoat September 26, 2011
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