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Usually found in urban environments, the supermoto hooligan is a supermoto rider who uses his/her supermoto skillfully and creatively to traverse through urban traffic.

Supermoto hooligans are prone to streaks of exhibitionism and are often seen riding on 1 wheel.
Did you see that supermoto hooligan pull that stoppie all the way down the street?
by he77b3nt January 13, 2010
twen (adj.) Another word for the number twenty, 20

This word is used by Chris Tucker's character "Smokey" in the stoner movie classic, "Friday" (1995) the scene where Smokey is showing a $20 sack of chronic to "Pastor Clever" played by the late Bernie Mac.
Chat Room Format:

<<Craig's Porch>>
( Pastor Clever ) excuse me, brother...
( Pastor Clever ) what we call drugs at 74th street Baptist church, we call a sinny-sin-sin...
( Smokey ,~ ) well, around here; between Normandie and Western we call this here a little twenty-twen-twen!!!
( CuBe ,~ ) Weeeaallllll XD
( Smokey ,~ ) Niihhhgaaaaaaaaahhhh... :P
( Pastor Clever ) why don't you just give me a little ***points at my eyes*** for my cataracts...
( Smokey ,~ ) you didn't put in on this, man.
( Pastor Clever ) It's better to give than receive my brotha : (
( CuBe ,~ ) LOOK LOOK! she bendin' over. :D
( Pastor Clever ) good lawd have mercy... the lord is my shepherd: HE KNOWS WHAT I WANT!!
( Pastor Clever ) excuse me, brother.
***( Pastor Clever )*** Has left the room...
by he77b3nt September 26, 2008
A nickname for the Suzuki dr-z 400 sm motorcycle.
That cager was envious when I lane split past him on my dreezy.
by he77b3nt January 13, 2010

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