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a girl who is nice to you for a while, but soon rejects you for what you like. hard to stay away from, will make you laugh until your have a tomato head. once your her friend its hard to tell her no. she can be a real jerk a lot, hangs out with everybody while downgrading them casually, thoiugh she makes it seem like a compliment. its hard to get through her web. hates people who obsess over things like T.V. shows, and tries (along with many others) to change people who are stranger than 'they should be' to normal. one of those people you hate because they are yoour best friend.
hunter: DO YOU EVER SHUT UP!!?? no offense, its just, your voice annoys the crap out of everyone you meet.
person: *trying to be nonchalant, but secretly being ripped apart inside*
by hdlwccfcbvyfgvjgbb h December 12, 2010

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