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A horrible novel written by the untalented Stephenie Meyer. This book has absolutely no character development whatsoever. It glorifies unhealthy obsession. Meyer has her main character, the dreary, cliched, miserable Bella Swan, choose between necrophilia and bestiality throughout the series.

The books have overused and exhausted ideas, and there is no apparent reason of why anyone should love this boring teenage girl. The book has the worst grammar I've ever seen published. "Handsomest" is not a word Ms. Meyer. Perhaps you should invest in a new editor, or just stay away from writing all together. As much as you fantasize, you will not marry a vampire just because you based Bella off of your own appearance.

Twilight is like a bad fanfiction. No teenager describes themselves as "ivory skinned". There is no reason to read this book. It is not the romance of the decade. It is an awful book. There are no excuses in which it is reasonable to read this book, unless you are 10 years old and need to get over a fear of vampires, because the vampires in this book sparkle in the sunlight. How intimidating.
no example. I'm not putting a reader through the pain of this "novel" Twilight.
by hcan123 October 04, 2010

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