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20 definitions by hazel

1. The nipples on George Cloony's batsuit in "Batman and Robin."
2. The protector of all nipples. Born an upper-class nipple, Batnipple saw his parents die at the hands of a petty criminal. Vowing to avenge them, he donned the black mask and became The Batnipple, crusader and dark knight among nipples.
1. Hazel: The only things I remember from Batman and Robin are the batnipples.
2. Justin: I am the Batnipple.
by Hazel July 08, 2005
24 6
A booty to which men turn to at least five times daily.
Sharwat has a mecca booty.
by Hazel January 20, 2007
25 8
The tingling, intense sensation of pleasure one gets from defragging their computer.
The Neon Nerd: i finally cleaned out my computer.
Ssseraphim7: did you defrag?
The Neon Nerd: no.
The Neon Nerd: no defragasms for Hazel.
by Hazel April 16, 2005
21 11
verb: to get drunk, start sucking things off, and vomit red wine all of over yourself
woah, you were so drunk last night, that you soutered yourself.
by hazel April 18, 2004
19 10
A person who is both a virgin and a vegetarian.
"You're 21 and you've never had sex? You also don't eat meat? You're such a virgitarian!"
by Hazel January 02, 2004
32 23
When you mistakenly use all caps, or accidentally mis-cap a letter in a word.
by Hazel December 22, 2004
5 1
(v.) The act of flaunting knowledge that no one else cares about.
"Then I killed Klauth the Great Wyrm of the North with my greatsword +2 and I kept respawning back to the Temple of Tyr but then my henchman half-orc barbarian-"
"Stop nerding around!"
by Hazel January 03, 2004
5 4