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acronym for "I see what you did there". Usage: when someone makes a clever remark and you acknowledge. Can also be sarcastic.

I invented it, now you use it. Have fun, internet-generation.
1:get off the internet e-fool!
2: o icwudt
1: what
2: oh
1: this is a lame example
2: yes I kno
1: let's cry about it
1: ok
by hays^asl March 30, 2005
This movie is one of those movies where you either love it and (mis)quote it often, or you hate it and want to punch the kids who keep saying "GOSH" and "your mom goes to college!".

Especially if aformentioned kids continue to quote the movie ONE FUCKING YEAR after it came out.

ND lover: GOSH you guys! *squints eyes and opens mouth slightly to have the appearance of an imbecile*

ND hater: plz stop before I have to kill you.
by hays^asl March 23, 2005

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