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3 definitions by haxemon

Short for "may as well"
Bored friend #1: "What do you wanna do now?"
Bored friend #2: "Malz go home I guess."
by haxemon May 22, 2009
Interjection - showing extreme approval over a female's appearance.

Verb - the act of male climax
Young, in-shape woman walks past two eager young men. First young man turns to the second and nodding towards the young lady says "Guesh!".


Kyle: "How did she look today?"
Dan: "She was wearing that blue dress again - thought I was going to guesh!"
by haxemon May 26, 2009
From the root "philosophize" a "phil" is a meaningful talk or discussion. Coined before the popularity of "Dr. Phil", the famous TV host has solidified the meaning.

No relation to the proper name Phil or Phillip.
Lou: "How's Dan doing these days?"
Kyle: "Better. We had a good phil last night about everything he's been going through."
by haxemon May 22, 2009