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Refusal to accept negotiation terms, and therefore reaching an agreement is a "no go".
Amanda: "Can I borrow your cute heels to go clubbing tonight?"

Kelly: "Nope."

Amanda: "C'mon!"

Kelly: "No way! Your foot funk is contagious... I can't be having your gnarly corn-infested toes all up in my shoes."

Amanda: "Well, I guess this NoGotiation's over"...
by havwingswillfly March 29, 2010
v. past tense - the act of spraying air freshener to extinguish the scent of a recent fart

adj. a person, thing or room which has been sprayed with air freshener to extinguish the scent of a recent fart

distinkguish, distinkguished, distinkguishing
The putrid smell of his fart cloud clung to his clothes like Lindsay Lohan to a bottle of Boone's Farm. I grabbed the bottle of Febreeze and distinkguished him against his will.
by havwingswillfly August 23, 2010
n. a gang member who has been disabled, in most cases by a drive-by shooting or getting shanked in prison, which results in his permanent use of a wheelchair.
Carlos was king of the lower east side, until Raul crushed his kneecaps with a bat. Now, he is a handicrip. On the bright side, he now gets free upfront parking at the mall.
by havwingswillfly July 12, 2010
v. (past tense) to shoot a person who is disabled
I couldn't take it any more... Timmay just refused to shut up, so I handi-capped his ass.
by havwingswillfly July 12, 2010
n. a person on a social networking site who regularly steals their other friends' friends that they have never met in real life. In extreme cases of friend sniping, the sniper browses friends list and randomly selects snipe victims based on their profile picture.

v. (friend snipe, sniped, sniping) the act of stealing another friend's friends regularly
n. Kelly: "Hey, Katherine, I friend requested your friend Eric. Hope you don't think I'm a friend sniper!"

v. "Dude, how do you know Chris? Did you just friend snipe him?"
by havwingswillfly June 16, 2010

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