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a follower; someone who 'hovers' in your crew

coined by Talib Kweli
whats with the melodrama?
fellos wanna hover in my cipher like a helicopter
like its a special honor
stealth bomba
gem droppa
make the ghetto holla
takin you high like sky divers
when we spark the live wires
cave man cuts with my fire
express my desire to drop this new shit
these record executives keep tellin me im stupid
now if they right shut the fuck up!
by havolution October 29, 2006
an MC is a hip hop rhymer. RAPPERS ARE NOT MC'S. MC's are from the Hip Hop Genre, Which is completely different than Rap. Rappers rhyme about gold jewelry, loose women, and gang-banging on machine-produced beats. MC's rhyme about real life, everday life, on beats produced by DJ's. an MC(master of ceremones or Mic Controller) is the main man of the hip hop show/album
Zion is an MC. TU is an MC. Mos Def and Kweli are MC's. Murs is an MC.

E-40 is NOT an MC, he is a rapper. Chingy is not an MC. G-Unit ARE THE COMPLETE OPPOSITES OF MC'S. Those last 3 are Rappers. Rap is a completely different artform than hip hop.
by havolution October 29, 2006

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